Case Study: Rottweilers Kratos & Maximus

rottweilers love Muenster

Rottweiler stories tend to start off the same way as Trina’s. Sadly, she had two rottweilers years ago, and like many of the breed, they had a lot of health problems and a fairly short lifespan. When she realized she couldn’t get away from the breed (also common!) she did extensive research and found a great breeder with a healthy, long-lived line of rottweilers, but Trina knew that genetics was only part of the puzzle and that nutrition had a lot to do with the health and vitality of her dogs. Dedicating herself to giving her dogs premium food, Trina sought to maximize her dogs’ lives, both in years and quality.

Trina now has two rottie boys, Kratos, 5, who is a “garbage can” and can eat most things without any upset, and Maximus, who has a more sensitive system and often suffers loose stools. Previous to Muenster, Trina was feeling an imported food from Europe, and with the current state of affairs in the world causing shipping difficulties, she became concerned about getting enough fresh food for her two giant hungry boys. Educated on the pitfalls of most dog foods, Trina wanted dog food that was: made in the US, from an owned mill that didn’t make inferior products in the same plant or sub out their production, with quality ingredients that could be traced to the sources, high protein from premium meat, no recalls, trustworthy, and with great customer service. She came across Muenster Milling from a Facebook ad, and decided to take a chance.

Kratos & Maximus Love Variety & Protein!

Living in Washington State, Trina knew shipping would take a minute, but she was really happy with the ability to get her (multiple) bags per month delivered right to her door. She likes to change out proteins and also spoil her boys with any of the freeze-dried treats and toppers, especially when she can get deal codes off the Thursday “Live Man vs. Dog Food,” and in the My Custom Dog Food group, where Mitch often gives out flash sale codes! Her Kratos and Maximus have enjoyed Perfect Balance Pork with added elk, beef, and chicken protein enhancers, Ancient Grains Large Breed Chicken, and most of the flavors of meatballs and patties!

Trina always keeps the Dr Verwers Digestive Functional Topper on hand as well, just in case Maxiumus has any tummy issues pop up. It is a great taste and protein enhancer with freeze-dried elk and venison, but also has probiotics, diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar, and papain which all aid to soothe the digestive system and build a healthy gut biome.

Results Are Amazing!

Rottweilers are giant breeds, usually over 100 pounds, and as such, hip and joint concerns are abundant. In order to support proper growth, and to make sure that the musculature can support the weight and exuberant antics of these gentle giants, protein is key. Trina is happy with the higher protein values of Muenster foods, the quality meat ingredients, and the variety of proteins offered. She says “my vet even mentions how perfect their body condition is. I really noticed the muscle tone and definition, and an extremely soft and shiny coat. Kratos even has a waist again!”

Delivery Days

Trina splurges on a variety of options for her best boys. She loves Muenster so much that she recommends it to all her friends and on Rottweiler breed forums on Facebook. She regularly orders for her dogs, and says that “Amazon has nothing on Muenster” as her delivery driver regularly hauls 70 pound boxes up to her house for her dogs. Both her dogs are eager to try out more goodies from Muenster! Trina is very active in our My Custom Dog Food group on Facebook, so join the group and meet her yourself!

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