Earn 2x points with every subscription purchase in June.

Plus get 100 bonus points with any new subscription!

*The double points promotion applies to all subscription orders placed between June 1, 2024, and June 30, 2024, at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time. No promo code is required.

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How do I sign up for the rewards program?

Signing up is easy. Simply create an account at MuensterPet.com and enter your name, email and password. It's free to join and you will be automatically signed up to receive emails about your rewards status.

What are the advantages of becoming a rewards member?

Our rewards program is a tiered program that allows members to earn more perks the more they engage with us. Members receive reward points for each purchase, which can be redeemed towards to the cost of future purchases.

You also earn points for referring friends, following us on social media, leaving product reviews, and are even gifted with points for your birthday!

Do I need to create an account to earn rewards?

Yes, creating an account on MuensterPet.com is necessary to start earning points. However, if you were a customer prior to Aug. 29, 2023, we migrated all of our customers into our new rewards program. If you had multiple accounts, please note that only one rewards account was created per person.

Where can I find all of my rewards account info?

The rewards page (the page you are on) is your roadmap to all your points and perks.

Will I earn points on purchases made prior to joining the rewards program?

You will only receive points for purchases made after creating your rewards account. Make sure to create an account before placing an order so you don't miss out. If you were a customer prior to Aug 29, 2023, we migrated existing reward points into our new program. However, VIP tiers are only based on purchased made after Aug 29, 2023.

Does it cost anything to begin earning points?

Absolutely not! Sign-up is 100% free, and it will never cost you anything to earn points. Scroll up on this page to get details on the different ways to earn points outside of a purchase.

How do I redeem points?

You can redeem points for your purchase in the checkout process. After adding products to your cart, proceed to checkout. In the section of checkout above the Discount code or gift card field, either log in to your account or Select the amount of points you wish to redeem and hit Apply.

For an existing subscription, you'll need to first redeem points on this page and copy a discount code. Then go to your subscription manager and apply the code in the discount field. See how

You must have a minimum balance of 100 points, each time you would like to redeem points, and points must be redeemed in increments of $5 with a maximum redemption of 1,000 points

Do points ever expire?

Your points will expire after 1 year of inactivity. Inactivity includes not interacting with our program, i.e. redeeming points, placing an order, earning new points.

How is my VIP Tier determined?

Your VIP tier is determined by the amount you spend in a calendar year (after Aug 29, 2023). To reach:

Bronze - everyone with an account starts at this level

Silver - you must spend $300

Gold - you must spend $500

I received an error message when referring friends through the email referral box. What went wrong?

We are sorry to hear that. There are a couple of scenarios that could have triggered the error message.

The first possible scenario is that there was a mistype in one of the email addresses that you entered or you forgot to put commas between multiple emails to separate them.

To eliminate confusion, we recommend that you enter each email address one at a time, clicking 'send' after each one.

If you are still having problems using the email referrals we recommend using your unique referral link or sharing the referral through Facebook, Twitter or Messenger to receive credit. Please contact customer support at info@muensterpet.com if you need further help.

I've referred several friends but haven't received any points for it. Is there something else I need to do?

Thank you so much for sharing with your friends. We really appreciate your referral.

Referred friends must be first-time customers in order for both of you to receive the referral rewards. In addition, the referral must be initiated through our rewards rewards box on your rewards page or through the use of your unique referral link also found there.

Points will be added to your account as soon as your friend completes their first purchase on our website. A purchase on Amazon does not qualify.

After your friend has made a purchase on MuensterPet.com, you will receive an email letting you know that one of your referrals made a purchase and that a reward was added to your account. You can also check your Rewards history to see a list of any points that you have received for referrals.

How can I get a birthday reward?

Add your birthday under ways to earn points on this rewards page. On your birthday, we will send you a special discount code via email valid for 30 days from the date of your birthday.

Your birthday code is non-transferrable and may not be sold or assigned to anyone else. If we feel someone is trying to manipulate the program, we reserve the right to terminate your account at our discretion.

I signed up for the Birthday Bonus but did not receive it.

Happy Birthday! We're so glad that you have chosen to celebrate with us through our rewards program. In order for you to receive your birthday bonus on your birthday, you must register your birthday at least 30 days prior to your birthday.

If your birthday falls between the day that you registered and the 30-day waiting period afterward, you will receive your birthday bonus belatedly (30 days after your registration). This delay is only applicable for the first year that you signed up.

If you register your birthday any time after your birthday has passed, in the current calendar year, rewards will not be added until the day of your birthday in the following year.

Remember, the birthday reward is determined by the Rewards member tier that you are part of on the date of your birthday. If it has been more than 30 days after you registered for your birthday reward and you still haven't received the points in your account, please contact customer service at info@muensterpet.com and we will be happy to assist.