Meet the Winners of our Dress Up Your Pet Contest

Meet the Winners of our Dress Up Your Pet Contest

Our Dress Up Your Pet Photo Contest was indeed a joyous affair, packed with furry faces decked in adorable attires. It was exhilarating to see the creative, funny, and heartwarming lengths our readers went to for showcasing their pet's personality.  With nearly 100 entries, competition was fierce among contestants to win the tasty treats. 

Meet the Paw-tastic Champions 

The road to selecting the top three from hundreds of amazing entries was a tough one. But, after hours of deliberation, our team is thrilled to announce our winners.

1.  Natalie Hartman - "Snow Day"

contest entry

2. Terianne Basch: "The Sighthound Gang"

contest entry

3. Shana Horovitz: "Chef Rosie's Famous Meatballs"

contest entry

Pet Fashion: Trending Styles in the Contest

You couldn't help but stay glued to your screen as our loveable furballs strutted their stuff, sporting the season's top trends! From snuggly winter outfits to take on the winter temps, to chic Christmas finery, every style had its own unique charm. The contestants donned puffy coats, hats, and scarves, encapsulating the wintry aura perfectly and making them impossible to resist. Adding a splash of festivity, our furballs also graced us in dripping yuletide spirit, rocking Santa hats, reindeer horns, and jingly collars to capture the essence of Christmas. Some took a different route and plunged us back into the spooky spirit of Halloween. But no matter what the theme, every pet brought its A-game for the contest, and we couldn't be more impressed. It was an unforgettable display of pet fashion in its finest form!

Dog Treats Galore: The Prize Detail

Allow us, dear reader, to tempt your taste buds with the delightful prize that awaits our winners. Imagine the sheer joy and excitement your pet would feel being treated to an entire year's worth of freeze-dried delicacies! This isn't just any treat either, we're talking about a gourmet selection of succulent freeze-dried meatballs, protein bites, and tantalizing liver treats. Each morsel is designed to satisfy the carnivorous cravings of your furry friend, while also providing them with the essential nutrients they need. It's a win-win situation, and honestly, could anything say 'I love you' to your pet more than a year’s supply of these heaven-sent goodies? We doubt it!

To not miss a single opportunity to show off your darling pet and maybe bag a pet-food jackpot in the process, we're here to help. Stay connected with us, dear reader, through our lively Facebook and fun-filled Instagram channels. Even better, subscribe to our informative emails. Why, you ask? Well, these platforms are your magic portals into the world of upcoming Muenster pet contests. So go ahead, click that 'follow' button, opt-in for emails at the bottom of the page.

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