More Protein, Please!

meat based dog food

We love protein at Muenster Milling. Why? We think it’s the best and most nutritious component of food, especially for carnivores like dogs. While our premium recipe kibble foods are meat based and naturally higher in protein (24-34%), we also offer numerous ways to add additional protein to your dog’s unique meal. These include tasty freeze dried raw bites, meatballs and patties, raw coated, and meal toppers.

Why More Protein?

Protein is the most important part of the canine diet, and the building block of a strong and healthy body. Animal proteins from meat are even more important, as they are “complete” proteins, meaning they contain essential amino acids. Amino acids are needed to build tissues and organs, healthy cells, and they are necessary for hormones, antibodies, and immune system functions. Additionally, protein helps to build a strong musculoskeletal system. This makes sure that your dog has a strong body for all his activities.

My Custom Dog Food allows you to add additional proteins to your dog’s food, or even change those proteins up, to create variety. Additional protein sources are important not just for taste, but also to enhance your dog’s protein tolerance and gut biome. Feeding your dog various proteins can seem like it might upset his system, but staying with one type of protein for a long period of time can also cause issues, including creating a protein sensitivity in some dogs where they become intolerant. Plus, dogs love variety in their dinner, just like we do!

At Muenster, we offer a variety of proteins in our base food: chicken, pork, turkey, and ocean fish, but the exciting part is the My Custom Dog Food option, AND our meal toppers or freeze dried. There you can up the protein content with elk and venison, salmon, or chicken in a couple different formulations.

How Can You Add Protein?

Adding freeze dried raw is always a great way to boost the protein in the dog food without adding a lot of fat or calories. Freeze dried liver is also a great treat option as the bites travel well and aren’t messy in pockets. You can use some warm water to reconstitute the freeze dried, creating a nice gravy over the kibble. Dogs find this irresistible! The process retains all the original nutrients from the meat; it doesn’t lose any beneficial amino acids due to cooking. Organ meat is also included in the freeze dried, so your dog enjoys the benefits of the additional and necessary amino acids only found in the high nutrient value organs.

Protein is the most important component to a dog’s diet, and at Muenster Milling, we have a variety of the highest quality meat based, high protein base recipes for your dog. Go next level and add additional protein via freeze dried! Help your dog achieve his best body condition and performance with one of our premium or super premium options.

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