Team Muenster Spotlight: Kelli Ford

Third Generation Muenster Dog

One of the unique things about Muenster Milling in the world of dog food is that when you call us, you’re talking to people who actually work in the same place where the food is being made! Many customers remark on our awesome customer service, and that is because we are a small family-owned and operated company, in a small town in North Texas. We wanted to do some employee spotlights to showcase the people that make our company great, going on almost 90 years.

Kelli Ford

Kelli has been working at Muenster for almost 4 years, and she recently was named the employee of the month! We aren’t strict on job titles here as everyone pitches in, but Kelli says she’s probably an Accounts Receivable Coordinator. But she also does many other duties!

Some of Kelli’s tasks include working with the numbers that make Muenster run, but her favorite thing is doing inventory. She is passionate about making sure that we maximize production, by keeping the appropriate number of finished products in stock, and forecasting orders to the production team so we can keep the freshest food possible, but also manage a quick shipping time. We want everyone to get what they need as quickly as possible, but not keep product at the warehouse any longer than we have to. Kelli counts most things every day!

Another big task that we can all thank Kelli for is keeping track of lot numbers. Each batch of product is tracked so we can tell where each bag is sold. Muenster Milling has never had a recall, but we want to be safe, just in case. This should give our customers peace of mind. Unlike big companies, we make very small batches of product, to keep things fresh, but this also allows us to track ingredients and finished products closely.

Fun fact, did you know that there are 60 bags on a pallet, and we can make about 24,000 pounds of extruded product in a day?

About Kelli

Kelli has lived in Muenster almost her whole life, and she has three daughters that light up her voice when she talks about them. Kalee is 24 and is working on her MBA and is also getting married soon. Kaitlin is 18 and is a freshman at Tarleton State University, and Kaci is 15 and a sophomore involved in basketball, National Honor Society, and FFA. All her girls were very involved in showing pigs competitively around the region. When Kelli isn’t busy with her girls’ activities, she likes to read and spend time with her boyfriend Terry, whom she met via coworkers at Muenster!

Kelli’s Muenster Recipe

Kelli’s dog is really her daughter Kaci’s dog, Oakley. Oakley is a third generation Muenster dog, as she is the granddaughter of Alli’s (Inside Sales) mini aussie! During quarantine, Kelli’s family added Oakley to the family, so she is still a young, growing puppy.

Oakley Ford likes to eat the Ancient Grains Ocean Fish with bacon fat and freeze dried chicken! She is getting great protein for her growing exuberant body, nice fat for taste and shiny coat, and chicken topper to add protein for her strong muscle growth. Oakley’s favorite activity is to run and play and to chew things she isn’t supposed to.

Congratulations to Kelli Ford on being Muenster’s Employee of the Month and thanks for your hard work and dedication to making sure our customers have the freshest food–in stock and ready to ship!

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