Unveiling the Spooktacular Winners of Our Halloween Photo Contest 2023

Halloween jack o'lanterns

Well, hold onto your hats, fellow animal lovers! Muenster's Halloween Pet Photo Contest was a smash hit this year, drawing in a whopping 113 entries! With submissions covering six different categories - funny, cute, homemade, culturally relevant, scary, and the unbeatable dynamic duo of human and pet - our pet parent community really went all out. The time, effort, and love poured into every submission were palpable. So, without further ado, let's dive into the fun-filled recap of this fantastic event!

Grand Prize Winner

Prepare to be amazed folks, as it's time to unveil our grand champion! Cue the drum roll... Put your hands together for Mindi Hazel, you're in the spotlight! You've just bagged a phenomenal prize: half a year of Muenster dog food, absolutely free! This is a whopping $599 value prize, friends. 

grand prize winner

Category Winners


Now, let's turn our focus to the winner in our 'Cute' category. Congrats to Roxanna Pezan, the lucky pet parent who bagged an amazing prize for her darling pet's photo! Her adorable shot was a crowd-pleasing favorite, earning her a well-deserved $100 gift card for muensterpet.com. In the sea of cute pet pictures, Roxanna's stood out and truly captivated our hearts as well as our judges. We are thrilled to recognize her delightful contribution to our contest and can't wait to see what her pet gets treated to with the prize at Muenster Pet! Way to go, Roxanna!

cute category winner


Let's give a resounding round of applause to our winner in the Funny category, the one and only Mandy Imburgio! Mandy's entry, a profoundly entertaining snap of her adorable 'cow dog', had us all buckling over with laughter. Her quirky sense of humor and eye for timing not only earned her the title in this highly competitive category, but also won her a $100 gift card for MuensterPet.com. Congratulations, Mandy, we can't wait to see what hilarious shots you'll capture next!

funny category winner


Guess what, everyone? It's time to announce the winner in the 'Homemade' category of Muenster's Pet Photo Contest! We've seen so many creative entries, but one stood out above the rest. Give a round of applause to Hanna Saari for clinching the win. Her delightful photograph portraying her dog ingeniously dressed as a space shuttle caught our jury's eyes and hearts. Not to mention, Hanna’s canine astronaut effortlessly rocked this adorably crafty ensemble. As a result of her talent and creativity, she's earned herself a well-deserved $100 gift certificate to MuensterPet.com. Congratulations, Hanna! We can't wait to see what you'll conjure up for next year's contest.

Culturally Relevant

Let's now turn our attention to the winner of the Culturally Relevant category. Applauds are in order for the phenomenal Kathleen Nguyen, whose enchanting Harry Potter-inspired canine costume took everyone by storm. Our judges were completely charmed by her canine Gryffindor student. For her efforts, Kathleen is awarded a $100 gift certificate to muensterpet.com, where she'll be able to indulge her pet with amazing products!

culturally relevant winner

Human + Pet

Drum roll, please! Our winner for the charming Human + Pet category is none other than Natalie Hartman. Natalie and her furry companion truly captured our hearts with their creative take on Dumbo, that classic Disney sensation. Natalie, prepare to treat your amazing pet sidekick to the finest goods from Muensterpet.com because you're walking away with a $100 gift certificate. Talk about a show-stopping Halloween treat!

human + pet winner


Brace yourself, because we're moving into the chill-inducing category of Scary. And the crown for this daunting category goes to none other than Julie Dawson! This isn't just your run-off-the-mill victory. Julie made our hair stand on end with her Velociraptor Dino – a costume that was scary enough to send shivers down your spine, but yet carried an uncanny charm that made it adorably cuddly. Congratulations, Julie! We're delighted to award you with a $100 gift certificate to MuensterPet.com. You sure do know how to strike the perfect balance between cute and creepy!

Note to the Winners

Winners, you should have received an email from Muenster Pet with details about claiming your prize. Please contact us at info@muensterpet.com if you did not receive an email from us.

A Big Thank You

In conclusion, we're overwhelmed by the enthusiastic participation and the breath-taking array of creativity showcased in this contest. To all of you who dressed up your pets and submitted entries, a ginormous THANK YOU! You've lent color and excitement to this Halloween with your unique, heartwarming, and sometimes eerie masterpieces. Seeing the amount of thought, care and affection that went into each pet outfit was truly inspiring. 

A special shout-out to all who took the time to vote for their favorite photographs. Your voices helped narrow down the winners for our panel of judges and brought recognition to some fabulously spooktacular masterminds of costumery. Without your active participation and discerning eyes, this contest would not have been the same. 

So here's to you, the remarkable pet-lovers, the skillful costume-designers, the talented photographers, the enthusiastic voters, and everyone else who made this contest such a grand celebration of spirit and creativity. Your dedication and zest are what made the difference. Thanks for being a part of this journey and we cannot wait to see how you thrill us in next year's competition!

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