Which Muenster Dog Food Is Right For My Dog?

Which Muenster Dog Food Is Right For My Dog?

Picking a dog food can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there, and sometimes so much information can become confusing. We are glad you are considering Muenster Milling dog food! Proud to use the best possible U.S. sourced ingredients, with local superfood grains, the highest quality meats, and conscientious production, we test every batch before being shipping. We are a small manufacturer, and we take safety and quality control very seriously and have for over 88 years.

Once you have made the choice to try Muenster, we have three dog food lines to pick from. Perfect Balance, Ancient Grains, and our Grain Free group. Which is the right one to start with?

Well, we are always available to talk directly with you to help you navigate this one on one, if you would like. Just schedule a consultation on our Facebook page, or call us. To try and help walk you through the decision, we first ask what food you are feeding now, and what issues or concerns you are trying to address.

Our Perfect Balance line is a great starting point if you are just trying to upgrade your dog’s current food that you may be getting from a grocery store. The Perfect Balance line is a clean diet, by-product free, with no filler. There is no corn, no wheat, no white potatoes, and no dairy in the Perfect Balance products. The Chicken Perfect Balance is a great place to start if your dog isn’t sensitive to chicken. It is safe for all ages of dogs and has 24/18 protein to fat percentage.

Muenster Milling Perfect Balance Dog Food

In the Perfect Balance line, we also have a Pork Meal and Chicken and Pork option. These recipes also include superfood Ancient Grains. The Pork and Chicken/Pork recipes are not recommended for large breed puppies, but they are approved for all other sizes and ages of dogs!

The Ancient Grains line is heavier on fresh meat as a first ingredient, with meat meal as a second ingredient, truly making it a meat-based food. Fresh meat does cook down and lose moisture, so a fresh meat food needs additional meat meal to keep the meat ratio high in a finished recipe. The Ancient Grains line also has superfoods like coconut, quinoa, kelp meal, and sweet potatoes. What it does not have is dairy, white potatoes, corn, wheat, or GMO grains. If you’re already feeding a mid-range dog food, or are having some issues, we think this is a good place to start with Muenster products. One of our most popular recipes is the Ocean Fish Ancient Grains food, especially for dogs that have skin and coat problems. In this line, there is also a Chicken recipe, Chicken and Pork, and a Large Breed formula which is chicken based but has a larger kibble size. These formulas are right for any life stage or size of dog.

For dogs that are having some challenges, we suggest checking out the Grain Free line. This is our premium line with unique protein sources and no grains. Our Grain Free Salmon is the most popular choice in this lineup, and with our Omega 3 levels almost as high as Omega 6 levels, we’re as close to a 1:1 ratio as you will find. We also include superfoods like cranberry, pumpkin, green-lipped mussel, kelp, and even probiotics! If your dog isn’t a fan of salmon, we also have a chicken and turkey option in Muenster Grain Free.

As always, if your dog just needs variety, or to add calories, fat, or protein, we have our My Custom Dog Food option, where you can integrate additional components to address specific concerns. You can add:

  • salmon oil for skin and coat, along with immune support
  • coconut oil for skin and coat and taste
  • bacon fat for calories and taste
  • collagen (bone broth) protein booster
  • dried salmon protein booster
  • freeze-dried raw proteins such as beef, chicken or elk

Finding the perfect food for your dog sometimes takes a little trial and error, but we are confident that we have something at Muenster that can work to get your dog to the best health possible through nutrition!

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