Why Our Dog Food Is Too Good To Be Rated

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We get it, you want to know what’s good for your dog, and what isn’t. It’s easy to know why Muenster is so good for your dog. It’s simple, we don’t make anything for your dog that we won’t eat ourselves. We also believe you know your dog better than anyone, and that all dogs can do better/worse on different diets. That’s why we developed mycustomdogfood.com. Now you may be wondering why you can’t find ratings for our customized dog food online, it’s because there are over 3000 different combinations of recipes you can create for your dog and it would be really hard to dedicate the time to do so. Also, if they did, we’d get over 3000 5 star reviews 🙂

At Muenster, we are here to serve your dog. Each dog. One at a time. We start with our premium base recipes that have high end, locally sourced, and superfood ingredients. And then we start customizing for your dog and his concerns. No food is like ours, because you make it your own. Dogs vary greatly in their dietary needs based on genetics, environment, ailments, and current immune system status. We are here to help your dog, not serve shareholders. At Muenster, we believe that by helping your dog, you will tell your friends and family, and we will then help their dogs. By building loyal customers and healthy pets, we will build our brand on reputation. Our goal is to solve problems, make it easier on the owners because we source and test premium ingredients and integrate them into your dog’s food (taking mess and dosage out of the equation), and you have options to change your recipe as many times as you want.

We are extremely quality conscious. After we seek out the best quality ingredients, as locally as possible, we test them before we put them in the food. Then, each batch is tested after it is made, to ensure quality and consistency before it is bagged. We use the best possible bag material to ensure food is kept fresh. How much do we trust our quality processes? Well, Mitch (4th Generation owner and CEO) ate only our dog food for 30 days. ONLY. And after taking before and after health/blood tests, he actually became healthier. Watch the documentary!

Mitch says “if you want to have the tallest building in town, you can tear down everyone else’s buildings, or you can just build yours taller.” That is the philosophy of Muenster Milling. We don’t tear down other brands, we just concentrate on building better animal nutrition. We do this by sourcing the best ingredients, creating the best recipes, maintaining the industry’s best manufacturing processes and highest levels of quality control.

Muenster is still a small company. We don’t answer to shareholders. If you ask us a question on Facebook, you may get an answer from the owner himself. We care about your dog’s specific issues and we won’t try to force him into one pre-made recipe, we are happy to make his food fresh, for him, when you order with our My Custom Dog Food program. We are excited to welcome you and your dogs to our Muenster family!

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