What is Operation Kindess?

Operation Kindness operates a lifesaving animal shelter and programs to assist people and pets.

Operation Kindness provides:

  • pet adoptions
  • lifesaving medical care
  • foster care
    behavior and training support for pet parents
  • affordable veterinary services
    for community pets
  • a pet food pantry
  • volunteer opportunities

Operation Kindness x Muenster

Muenster Impact

Since 2019, Muenster has donated over 300,000 meals to Operation Kindness

You can make a difference

Operation Kindness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. You can make a difference for in-need dogs and cats by donating.

Donate Now

"Animals come to Operation Kindness in their most vulnerable states, and it’s important that the care they receive be of the best standards. When the quality of care is more important than ever, Muenster pet food is there to provide pivotal nutrition and full bellies to pets in need. Quality of care is of peak concern at Operation Kindness, which is why Muenster pet food, made from real ingredients and quality nutrition, makes the best food partner for the cause."

Kelly Furnas, Chief Operating Officer, Operation Kindness