7 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

cat and dog

Your pet celebrates you every day. They love you unconditionally, and they’re not afraid to show it. April 11th is National Pet Day and the perfect opportunity to shower them right back.

Founder and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige said it best, “Many people think that humans are superior to animals, but how is that possible when humans can’t even properly love each other? We’re not able to come close to being superior to the pure & perfect unconditional souls that animals are. If we could, we’d have no need for this day.”

Back in 2006, she established the holiday as an annual ode to our pets. National Pet Day also advocates for pet adoption. Each year, millions of adoptable animals await loving homes and shelters struggle to keep up with the overflow.

Looking to pamper your pet and help the animal community at large? Here are some
paws-itively purrfect ways you can celebrate national pet day.

  1. Talk to an adoption specialist. Local shelters like Operation Kindness, Dallas’s oldest no-kill animal center, take in thousands of animals each year. Then, their trained adoption experts take extra care to pair pets and parents based on your household needs and wants. If you’re thinking of growing your fur family, think adoption first! There are also pure breed rescues in case you have your heart set on a specific type.
  2. Treat your fur children. New toys are a great way to engage your pet and encourage an active lifestyle. Of course, the way to their heart may very well be through their stomachs. In that case, a few grain-free dog treats are the perfect way to say, “I ruff ru.”
  3. Sign up for a volunteer shift at your local shelter. Animal centers have a huge need for extra hands. Whether you’re walking dogs or dragging a feather toy for fluffy, your time is sure to be greatly appreciated.
  4. Pamper your pet. A day at the groomer is a treat for both man and mutt. Your pet gets pampered, and you get to enjoy the squeaky clean afterglow.
  5. Make donations to shelters in your area. Even in the summertime, shelters are always in need of bedding, blankets, and towels. Check with your neighborhood animal welfare organizations to see what other necessities are most in-demand. You can also make a monetary contribution in honor of the cat or dog who has brought so much love into your life.
  6. Organize a fun photo shoot. Show the world how pet adoption has completed and enriched your life with a family photo shoot. Be sure to share the pictures with the shelter or adoption agency you went through. Updates are always encouraged!
  7. Take your pet to a nursing home for the day. If your dog has an easy-going temperament and is up-to-date on its shots, consider letting them be the guest of honor at an elderly center. You can also offer to spend time with an ill or elderly neighbor. Pet therapy does wonders for overlooked members of your community.

In the end, so long as you spend some quality time with your fur children, it will be a day well spent. Their love is a gift that never stops giving. Take the time to simply acknowledge them, and remember they too, like so many others, were once a little lost, looking for a forever home.

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