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What best describes 's breed/size? Different size dogs often have distinct concerns. Larger dogs grow at a slower rate and need more joint support, where smaller ones may be fussy eaters.
How old is ? We want to be sure to provide the proper nutrients for puppies to grow up strong or extra support for our senior friends to keep them having fun!
What best describes 's build? We want to be sure to provide your dogs with enough calories, but not too many! Obesity is a leading cause of problems in older dogs, so let’s be honest.
What best describes 's activity? Is your dog an “every day 6 am run followed by 5 mile hike after dinner” type or is he more Netflix and lounge on the couch?
Does have any food sensitivities? Has your dog been tested for allergies? Do you suspect a sensitivity? We have a variety of protein bases, as well as grain free, legume free, and poultry free options. None of our foods contain corn, wheat, soy or dairy.
Is a picky eater? We can add some yummy stuff to the food that will make any dog’s mouth water, including bacon fat and elk!
Do you have any other concerns you'd like to address in 's food? Here is where My Custom Dog Food truly helps you build YOUR dog’s best recipe! Additions of fat, protein, or supplements can address your dog’s health from the inside out!
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You're creating your dog's perfect meal. They'll be excited to get Muenster's premium food with extra quality ingredients added in, and customized to their needs!