Case Study: Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu Puppy

We talk a lot about big dogs, but little dogs have their own concerns. Cara Helfrich of Fort Lauderdale raises AKC Shih Tzus, and she isn’t taking any chances with her babies. She is serious about her Shih Tzus, and has a handler in Indiana that takes her young dogs and shows them to their championships. After their show career has peaked, Cara gets to enjoy her dogs at home and raises litters of adorable Shih Tzu puppies!

Mama Dogs Get Morning Sickness!

Cara’s reproduction vet in Miami recommended Muenster dog food to her when she was ramping up her showing and breeding. He coached her that nutrition was going to be paramount in getting healthy pups, as well as keeping her show dogs “on their game.” As such, Cara even orders her food delivered to the handler so that her dogs don’t have to go without their Muenster premium nutrition!

When Cara’s female dog was having nausea and morning sickness with her first pregnancy, Cara was very concerned. The poor little dog was understandably not wanting to eat when she felt poorly, and of course that lack of nutrition was not good for her growing pups. Luckily her vet recommended Muenster, and Cara immediately ordered new food for her girl. She shares that from the first time her dog tried the Ancient Grains Ocean Fish, she gobbled it down and the morning sickness was over! The litter of puppies weaned themselves onto the Muenster kibble at around 4 weeks, climbing into the bowl and enjoying the small kibble size. The great thing about the Muenster line of foods is that the very small kibble size can be enjoyed even by tiny adorable Shih Tzu puppies!

Convenience and Customization for Each Dog

Cara knows the importance of good gut health on nutrition at any age, so she adds the probiotics in the My Custom Dog Food area on the website and gets the foods shipped to her for her females and puppies, and to her handler for her show dog. She says that besides the obvious digestive health, the Shih Tzu’s glorious coats seem softer, they grow more length, and there is a “luster than she attributes to the great ingredients and the quality probiotics.” The dogs have been enjoying the AG Ocean Fish with probiotics, freeze dried beef bites, and REALLY love the beef meatballs!

Her current show dog, Guylein (like the French chocolates, so fancy!), is a year old, and has been on Muenster Milling food since he was 12 weeks old. He completed his AKC Championship in the beginning of November and will continue his show career for a bit longer until he will return to Cara and become a daddy!

Cara is a conscientious dog owner and breeder that wants the best for her dogs. We are happy that her little dogs of all ages and career stages are having great success and happiness with Muenster foods! Join the My Custom Dog Food Facebook group and meet more dog enthusiasts that are customizing the food to fit their unique dog’s needs!

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