Our Legacy

How We Began

We’re a 4th-generation, family-owned-and-operated animal food manufacturer located in Muenster, TX. Since 1932, we’ve built lasting, impactful relationships with farmers, suppliers, customers, communities, and animals by leading with integrity.

Muenster Milling Co. was founded in 1932 by the late Joe Felderhoff. Joe would buy grains from local family farms (many we still work with today) and mill their wheat into flour. Unfortunately, Joe passed away in a car accident while his son Arthur was still in his teens. However, that didn’t stop Arthur from taking over the business at an early age.

Soon after taking over the business, Arthur was drafted, and spent 4 years overseas as a member of the United States military. Upon returning to Muenster in 1947, he discovered he could buy flour cheaper in Kansas than he could make it in Muenster. So, he converted our flour mill into a feed mill. For the next 30 years, Arthur focused on making high-quality livestock feeds for local farms and feedlots all over North Texas.

In 1974, grandson Ronnie Felderhoff took over as president of the company and continued to grow Muenster Milling Co. in new areas such as show feeds and horse feeds. In 1989, Ronnie made a bold decision to completely change the course of Muenster Milling Co. forever and put in a pet food extruder.

At that time, pet food was mostly manufactured by only a few large companies around the country, but Ronnie decided to create some innovative products such as the Muenster Natural pet food line in 1999 that was one of the first all-natural pet food diets in the country.

In 2007, great-grandson Mitch Felderhoff joined the company to head sales and marketing at Muenster Milling, and his brother Chad Felderhoff joined in the summer of 2013. With the company now firmly in the 4th generation of Felderhoffs, our commitment to excellence is stronger than ever.

Muenster Milling follows a strict code of ethics when it comes to animal diets, giving pets the best food we can make. Our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible so we can verify what goes into our food and ensure the highest quality. We test ingredients and finished products to ensure our quality standards are met. We make innovative, extruded animal food that allows for maximum availability and absorption of nutrients so your animal can perform optimally and live a healthier life. After all, a healthy animal is a happy animal.

At Muenster, we believe you should feed your animals with the same care and compassion as you would any other member of your family. We’d love to work with you to bring out the best in your animals!