Case Study: All Ages of Akitas

All Ages of Akitas

Connie Wood Gaddy is a dedicated Akita owner of over 30 years. She has dogs from pre-birth to 13 (crazy age for a giant dog!) and she has been focused on raising and showing the healthiest, best temperament Akitas that she can. She currently feeds 6 Akitas ranging from a puppy to a 13-year-old. Here is Connie’s story!

For 8-9 years, Connie thought she was feeding good dog food. She started with a large nationally marketed brand but found that after they got bigger and sold out, that the quality control seemed lacking. After some scary recalls, she found out that the food wasn’t made in the small manufacturing plant anymore, but was made in a plant that also made lesser quality food. She wasn’t happy with the possible (and probable) cross-contamination, so she did her research and switched to a more local based dog food.

After feeding that for a few years, her friends reported that recently their dogs had had some issues with that brand. After using her detective skills, she found out that the formula had changed, and she hurried to buy as many original recipe bags as she could find! Of course, feeding so many big dogs, she had to come up with a solution quickly. The company refused to give her honest answers about the ingredients, so again, a disappointed Connie was on the hunt for a better option. The next choice seemed fine until she added a large, growing puppy and a pregnant bitch at the dinner table.

Diet Dilemmas

Akitas are prone, like many large breed dogs, to grow too fast. Pano (panosteitis), which is an inflammation of the outer surface of the leg bones, happens when large puppies grow too fast. Research suggests that the calcium to phosphorus ratio in food is very important to halt these painful “growing pains” in puppies. Connie was unable to get full nutritional information from the other dog food company after many requests, and she was leery of feeding their foods anymore as she had an extra large growing puppy (100+ pounds at 8 months old) and a pregnant bitch with a risky pregnancy. While she was researching, their prices went up significantly, COVID happened, and Connie became concerned with shipping long distances as well. So when a Facebook ad for Muenster popped up, Connie gave us a try. We are glad she did!

Great Results For The Entire Pack!

After great determination in her search, Connie is happy to report her results with Muenster Perfect Balance Chicken with added salmon oil. When she switched to Muenster, she had a nursing female that had just endured a C-section, a partially weaned puppy, and 5 other dogs from age 8 months extra large growing puppy to a 13 year old senior to consider! What a mix of every possible age! She combined the foods for a couple of weeks as recommended, gradually adding more and more Muenster to the diet. She reports that her young puppy, Hiro, who had loose stools and bloat with the other food, started enjoying his puppy mush (wet Muenster kibbles, which are small enough for babies!). Her mother dog Stevie, who had blown her coat after giving birth, was growing in a great, thick show coat (she is returning to the show ring very soon), and her older dogs were extra energetic and shiny. Connie adds salmon oil to her My Custom Dog Food because she knows that it maximizes her Akitas’ thick, luxurious coats, assists with joint lubrication for her active dogs, and helps with cognitive function in her puppies AND her senior dog. What amazing benefits from one custom addition!

Akita puppy loves Muenster

Muenster small sized kibble with probiotics is great for puppies!

Connie reports “not only do I love the results I’m seeing with all my dogs across the board, I love the personal attention and great customer service I get with Muenster. They quickly give the honest answers I want with the quality ingredients and manufacturing practices of a small family-owned company. Another bonus is fresh food shipped quickly, even in this crazy time. Just in case of shipping delays, I stock up with the use of frequent deal codes!”

Connie lives on acreage, and her lucky dogs also enjoy farm eggs and freshly hunted wild boar that she cooks for them. Her dogs are show dogs with multiple titles to their credit, but she says they “enjoy playing on the land and getting muddy!” Thank you to Connie for trying Muenster and for sharing her experience with Hiro’s new parents and other Akita breeders as well! Join the My Custom Dog Food group on Facebook to “meet” Connie and share your story!

Champion Akitas love Muenster

Champion dogs need great nutrition to perform and look their best.


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