Featured Dog Food Ingredient of the Month: Zinpro Availapet Minerals

Trace minerals are one of the essential building blocks of nutrition. These readily usable forms of minerals are ultimately designed to make the vitamins we ingest more effective, and are a must if all bodily systems are to function correctly.


In animals, these trace minerals are required for a host of essential functions including: immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, growth and muscle development, milk production, fiber digestion and energy metabolism. With a proper balance of trace minerals, stressors that can erode and inhibit the body’s ultimate functionality are reduced.

The three that make up Zinpro Availapet Minerals include iron, zinc and manganese, of which no more than 10%, 41%, and 5% respectively are absorbed through non-supplemented food alone.
Though these minerals may only be required in small daily doses, the overall health and well-being of your animal depends on them. Here’s a look at Zinpro mineral’s three major players and how these ultra bioavailable trace minerals deliver uncompromised benefits to your pet.


Zinc is widely known for its ability to help improve tissue growth. This makes it a natural remedy in the prevention and repair of leaky gut. It’s a condition that many dogs suffer from and its presence can cause numerous unwanted side effects such as: hot spots, scratching, dry skin, diarrhea, and weight loss.

By improving the integrity of the gut- accomplished by reinforcing the tissue thickness of the intestines- your pet will experience a few things:

• Reduction in the amount of potentially harmful or unhelpful substances from being released into the bloodstream.
• Reinforced barrier that prevents absorption materials outside the gut.
• Natural probiotic growth in healthy bacteria-friendly environment.
• Strengthened immune system and reduction of common illness. (Helpful when you consider that approximately 80% of the immune system is in the digestive tract.)
• Healthier and stronger digestive system. This improves nutrient absorption of other vitamins and minerals, too.

Zinc is a front-line defense against leaky gut, giving your dog a leg up on absorption of the essentials that are most vital to their health.


Iron serves the primary function of oxygen carrying hemoglobin and the formation of red blood cells. According to one health site, the presence of iron is necessary for certain bodily enzymes to function properly. It is also responsible for:

• vitamin C healing and oxidation
• protein metabolism
• proper bone formation
• RNA synthesis
• skin and hair pigmentation
• synthesis of phospholipids

In the event of an iron deficiency, pets may experience a condition called anemia in which the hemoglobin levels and size of each red blood cell get reduced. Animals with an iron deficiency (anemia) may experience disruptive symptoms such as constipation, weakness, growth reduction, and increased susceptibility to stress or disease.


According to PetEducation, this trace element is essential for, “the proper use of protein and carbohydrate by [animal] the body, reproduction, and the action of many enzymes responsible for the production of energy and making fatty acids.”

From nucleic acid metabolism to sex hormone production all the way up to reproductive growth and tissue respiration/ligament toning, manganese is essential at every stage of life. Other pet health indicators that are directly impacted by Manganese include:

• Pituitary gland, liver, pancreas, kidney, and bones health.
• Cholesterol regulation, blood clotting, and development of connective tissues.
• Energy production, nerve health, bolstered immune system and blood sugar regulation.

Benefits of Supplementation

According to the experts themselves, supplementing canine diets with zinc, iron and manganese trace minerals from Zinpro Performance Minerals® protects your pet on multiple levels and provide health benefits such as:

• Improved coat and skin health
• Growth and development
• Healthy Reproduction
• Paw integrity
• Energy metabolism
• Increased Immune response

In short, adding essential trace minerals into your canine’s diet is a sign of your love. Give your furry friend access to all the readily absorbed and essential trace minerals with our fortified all-natural, high-quality dog food. Their visibly increased energy and improved overall health are just a scoop away.

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