Featured Horse Food Ingredient of the Month: Alfalfa

Some in the equestrian world refer to Alfalfa as the filet mignon of horse feed. Not only is it super protein rich, equine can’t get enough of the taste, making it an ideal ingredient for picky eaters and “hard keepers”.

This nutritious leafy legume forage is also loaded with calcium and rich in B vitamins, Vitamin K, as well as Beta Carotene. Alfalfa also boasts 16 different Amino Acids, including essential amino acids Methionine and Lysine that help provide a very bioavailable source of nutrients.


Still, despite its superior nutrient profile, Alfalfa remains a somewhat contested forage. Truth is, when used as part of a proper feeding regimen it can be much more digestible than other grass hays, allowing for better absorption in all classes of horses.

Discover the many benefits of Alfalfa’s high nutrient density and how they can help keep your horse’s health at optimal levels.

Alfalfa: the Healthier Forage  

Horses are biologically designed to eat roughage. And while Alfalfa meets this key requirement, the high levels of calcium and digestible protein also help buffer the stomach. In fact, research conducted by Texas A&M University has shown that equine diets containing alfalfa reduced gastric ulcer scores as opposed to other forages.

Further, though Alfalfa is high in dietary fiber, limited quantities of lignin (a structural fiber found in plants) makes it soluble and easy to digest. This allows for more fluid to be maintained in the large intestine which can reduce impaction colic.

Horse owners who are looking to reduce their need for excessive supplementation love the high nutrient density in Alfalfa. By simply feeding their mares and studs a diet rich in alfalfa, they’re able to more effectively meet the nutritional needs of their horses.

Which Type of Horses Most Benefit from Alfalfa?

Utilizing a food rich in alfalfa allows horse owners to supplement the diet of all classes of horses with easily digestible nutrients and quality fiber. Still, some horses have special requirements, and this super forage is happy to oblige.

One such example is that of young and developing horses who have a high requirement for calcium and protein. At the other end of the spectrum, senior horse’s face reduced ability to digest and metabolize nutrients as they age. The highly available nutrients in Alfalfa meet both of these needs, helping maintain a healthy horse though all stages of life.

Because lactating mares have a very high nutritional requirement, the higher calcium and protein content in Alfalfa also helps address their distinctive needs, and maintain proper lactation when fed accordingly.

When it comes to performance horses, the requirement is simple: more calories. Alfalfa has a high calorie content which addresses their unique nutritional needs. Doing so eliminates the worry of over feeding or concerns they aren’t receiving their daily supplement requirements.

In short, our unique approach to a concentrate feed based around alfalfa allows us to focus on making a bioavailable product, designed with the horses’ entire health in mind. By identifying your horses’ specific need, our unique product can be fed with traditional grass forage or alfalfa to achieve your desired results.

Our approach of focusing on nutrient dense ingredients allows us to keep your feeding costs down without depriving your horse of key nutrients. We aim to help your horse reach his prime level of performance, in the healthiest way possible. When we combine these ingredients with our superior preparation process, we achieve the most digestible and nutritional food available.

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