Celebrating K9 Veterans Day - Join the Mission!

Celebrating K9 Veterans Day - Join the Mission!

The inception of K9 Veterans Day finds its roots back in March 13, 1942, which marks the official birthday of the U.S. K9 Corps. In this esteemed program, dogs were trained for various roles, performing tasks that often proved too challenging or dangerous for their human comrades. Emulating their relentless spirit, K9 Veterans Day, observed every year on March 13th, stands as a poignant tribute to these courageous canines. This remembrance has also grown to include dogs serving in law enforcement.

In the Trenches: The Important Role of Canine Veterans 

Whether marching on the front lines or serving domestic roles, these K9 veterans have proven their bravery and resilience countless times. Across the globe - from the heat of desert warfare to the chilling frost of the arctic K9s have served in every climate, every environment. These loyal soldiers equipped with heightened senses can detect dangers unseen to the human eye, often making the difference between life and death for their two-legged comrades. Therefore, while we acknowledge the human cost of conflict, it's important to recognize these brave canines who seldom get the limelight they deserve.

Mission K9 Rescue - Making a Difference for K9 Vets

 You might be thinking, "How can I support these K9 veterans who have done so much for us?" Well, look no further than Muenster’s participation in K9 Veterans Day. 

This year, Muenster has made a commitment to donate 5% of this week's net profits (up to $5,000) to Mission K9 Rescue. By purchasing Muenster products this week, you’re directly contributing to this noble cause, making a tangible impact in the lives of our four-legged heroes. 

Based in Houston, Texas, Mission K9 Rescue is a non-profit organization. It is dedicated to serving retired working dogs that have contributed to keeping our society safe. Their work centers on the five Rs:

  • Rescue - bringing home military working dogs and contractor working dogs to the US from any where in the world. 
  • Reunite - placing retired working dogs with a past handler;
  • Re-home - finding a suitable and loving home for the dog
  • Rehabilitate - From anxiety to PTSD, dogs receive care until they are suitable for adoption
  • Repair - trained like professional athletes during their career, they often have extensive, costly medical issues

 Retired Military War Dog Atila

Photo above: Military Working Dog Atila, USMC Retired is a Czech Shepherd who is living with his former handler in the Chicago area.


More than an animal welfare organization, it’s a small army that fights for those who have fought for us. In the past 10 years, Mission K9 Rescue has:

  • Reunited 679 Military Working Dogs with former handlers
  • Rescued and Adopted 660 Other Working Dogs (CWD, TSA, ETC)
  • Spent over $2 million in veterinary care for K9 Vets
  • Rescued dogs from Alaska, Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Guam, Spain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Japan, Korea, Bahrain, Mexico, Bosnia, Israel, Colombia, England, Turkey, and Canada.

So when Muenster chose to donate to them, it did so with the understanding that this organization is top notch and completely dedicated to benefitting K9 Veterans. In fact, Mission K9 Rescue puts $0.93 of every dollar to the work of saving our K9 vets.

How You Can Help

This K9 Veterans Day, let's not just remember the heroic deeds these incredible animals have performed, but also lend a helping paw. You might not realize the profound difference you can make, but in the words of the Mission K9 Rescue's Bob Bryant, "Every little bit helps." So whether you’re buying Muenster’s dog food for your pet, or shopping for a gift for a friend’s dog, remember that your purchase matters more than you think. And just like that, you could make a veteran's day – a K9 veteran, that is.

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