Redeeming Points on Subscription Orders (Mobile Directions)

Redeeming Points on Subscription Orders (Mobile Directions)

Hey there, wonderful pet parents of the Muenster Pet community! We've got some paw-sitively exciting news that's sure to get tails wagging. You've asked for this feature since we launched our new site back in September. It's been a challenge to get our technical nuts and bolts to connect, but paws up, our new feature has arrived ... redeeming rewards on your next subscription order is now possible on!

We understand that tending to your pet's needs can come with some costs, so why not make the most out of every dollar you spend with us? We're sure you're going to love this new addition. Let's go through how you can redeem your reward points on your next subscription order step by step.



Step 1

Visit and click on the top left navigation

Step 2

Tap Explore

Step 3

Tap Grow with Us

Step 4

Tap Rewards


Step 5

If not already logged in, please log in now.


Step 6

Back at the Rewards page, scroll down and Tap Redeem Now


Step 7

Under How to use your points, view the points you have available to redeem.  Swipe left to reveal more amounts. You are eligible to redeem the amounts with blue Redeem buttons. Gray buttons mean you do not have enough points to redeem. Click the blue Redeem button for the amount you wish to redeem.

Step 8

Confirm you wish to redeem these points by clicking Yes.

Step 9

Click the icon to copy the code to your clipboard. Or write down the code. You'll need to enter this later. 


Step 10

Copy the code

Step 11

From the main menu at top left, select Account

Step 12

Tap My Subscriptions

Step 13

Scroll down past your next order

Step 14

After the items in your next order, Tap Add Discount 

Step 15

Enter the discount code you copied here and click the Apply Discount Code button

Step 16

That's it. Your discount is applied to your next subscription order.

Things to Note

  1. You are only able to apply one discount at a time to your subscription.  

  2. Please check the offer details on promotions that we offer on the site. This text will tell you if the offer is good for single use or subscription purchases. Promotions which do work with a subscription will be valid only when you place a new subscription - not on existing subscriptions. The exception will be an offer which allows you to save on a certain number of subscription orders.

  3. If you have any issues redeeming rewards, please contact us


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