Muenster Team Profile: Mya & Copper

Muenster Team Profile: Mya & Copper

The phone rings. A frantic dog owner on the other end is in despair. Their once playful pup has turned into a picky eater, pushing away every bowl with a disdainful sniff. But fear not, because Mya's on the case. With the confidence of a seasoned detective and a smile that could melt a frozen burger, she gathers clues: "Has there been any change in your dog's routine? New treats maybe?" Within minutes, Mya uses her encyclopedic knowledge of Muenster products to craft a personalized meal plan, sending the worried owner off with a wagging tail (and hopefully a less-finicky canine companion).

If you’ve called, emailed or contacted Muenster in the last year, you’ve probably connected with Mya, what you may not know is that Mya works side by side with her dog Copper, a 1 year-old “Heinz 57” pup who is fawned over by everyone at Muenster.

A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Rep

Mya fields customer calls with dedication and spends her days mastering every detail of Muenster's products. She spends the majority of her day assisting customers who need help with their order or are looking for guidance on which products are best for their dog.  “It’s really helpful to already know the information to give them - rather than having to look it up or ask someone else,” said Mya.

Mya dives into problem-solving with customers, relishing the chance to find the perfect solution. Whether their dog is a picky eater, has food sensitivities or is having challenges maintaining a healthy weight, Mya has a talent for asking the right questions, listening to owner concerns and matching their needs to specific products or enhancements to customize their feeding plan.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the job for Mya is getting an update from a customer she’s helped.. “It’s nice to be able to recommend food for customers’ dogs, particularly those with special needs and then get the feedback of how much better their dog is now after using Muenster,” said Mya.

Customer service has evolved at light speed and now includes so much more than phone calls. From social media comments, to email, to chat messages - there’s a need to be available in all the places customers are looking for information and reaching out. “In some ways, customer service has changed a lot, as information is more readily available and easier to find, but at the same time there are still people that would prefer to speak to someone to get their specific questions answered.” It definitely takes talent like Mya’s to respond to different customers’ needs in so many different ways.

Copper's Adventures at the Office

Mya beams when she talks about her furry companion, Copper. “I found Copper on the side of the road as a tiny puppy, picked him up and he’s been my buddy ever since,” said Mya. She really enjoys the dog-friendly atmosphere at Muenster, adding, “It’s so nice to not have to pay for Copper to go to doggy daycare or worry about him being cooped up all day.” 

Copper's days are filled with tasty product inspections, napping in his cozy den under Mya's desk, and enjoying a relaxing yak chew. But his biggest perk? Bringing smiles to the faces of everyone at the office. One wag of Copper's tail or his signature head tilt is guaranteed to chase away even the toughest workday blues. “Copper has such a goofy personality, when someone has a hard day, they know they can come see Copper and crack a smile,” said Mya. 

Copper can be the class clown of the office as well. The entire office roars with laughter when Copper starts singing. Which he is prone to do when Mya plays just about any country song. Copper howling along to his favorite country tune, "Broken Window Serenade" by Whiskey Meyers is as painfully funny as sitting in the front row during a bad karaoke set.  

Outside of Work

While Mya spends a lot of time with Copper at work, their together time doesn’t end there. Mya and Copper enjoy going to the dog park and going to the river to hike and swim. When Mya isn’t taking care of customers, she’s likely to be indulging in two other hobbies: playing pool and remodeling her house. 

Mya isn't just a pool player, she's fiercely competitive. She plays on two separate teams and a league as well as playing for fun! 

Her home remodeling project has been entirely DIY. “Pretty much everything had to be done from scratch. Rip up carpet and underlay, fix water damage, install new floors, scrape popcorn ceilings, prime and paint every square inch plus the kitchen cabinets,” said Mya. She’s currently redoing the countertops and her next project will be to fix the ceilings. She got some great father-daughter time as her dad helped install the floors. 

Mya transformed every inch with paint, reveling in creating her dream space. “The most fun was painting and getting to make everything look exactly how I wanted,” said Mya.

One of Mya’s favorite Muenster memories happened during the holidays. While decorating the office for Christmas, Mya discovered what she calls a “very creepy reindeer” decoration. That turned into an office prank. “Everyone started hiding it to scare people!”

In her role at Muenster, Mya is able to blend her passion for animals with her natural love of helping people. Having Copper at her side is a boost to her work-life balance and job satisfaction. “Having Copper in the office is definitely nice, especially on stressful days, as he can be a good distraction when you need a minute away,” said Mya.

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